Our Mission

1. Object

    +  First range manufacturer of Danpla Plastic Box in Vietnam.

    + Develop branch system all over Vietnam.

    + Develop professional management team, well-trained workforce and effective production.

    + Gain top market share in Danpla Plastic Box in Vietnam. Have strong financial power, high business value and great growth potential.

2. Mission

Bring value to customer. Flexible usages, qualified in each product with international recorded brand name.

3. Core Values

     + Trust : Bring trust and secure to customers by each qualified products.

     + Creative : Bring biggest added value to customers by creative mod.

     + Passion : Bring satisfaction to customers by passion and devoted employees.

     + Effective : Bring effective to customers is our commitment.


 Factory : Lot1 – CN5 Ngoc Hoi Industrial Zone, Thanh Tri, Hanoi, Vietnam. 

Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN): 0106669707

Email :